Here you can find foals, which are expected to be born in Voore Tallid summer 2018. Foals can be booked already!

More info Anu Matsoo  +3725146552 or by e-mail

1. Aale 4343E (EeAaZZG) x Apollo 778E (EaCD), possible colors: "kinder surprise" - many different possible colors, foal might carry silver gene.

2. Reia 4345E (EE) Apollo 778E,  possible colors: silverblack, silver grullo

3. Teeba 4129E (Aa) 
x  Apollo 778E,  possible colors : bay, grullo, buckskin, sorrel.
4. Voore Tarapita 4364E (eeCaa) x  Apollo 778E
Result: 03.06 mouse dun stallion
5. Voore Reesia x Voore Tintin 869E,  possible colors : palomino, chestnut
6. Voore Relli x Laser E003 (Eeaa),  possible colors : black, palomino, chestnut
7. Voore Ahara 4290E (EeAaC) x Laser E003,  possible colors : black, bay, buckskin, chestnut or palomino